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Solar, Safety and Decorative Films

At Vista Window Tinting we only use the highest quality most technologically advanced window films available. We have chosen Johnson Window Films as our primary supplier because of their 35 years of commitment to excellence and first rate reputation in the window film industry. Below are a few of the window film types we offer.


  • Solar films - for energy savings, heat and glare control as well as fade reduction. Protect your floors, furnishings and window treatments, while having the added benefit of reducing heat and glare. Providing a more comfortable living space with lower energy bills. Improve your work space by reducing annoying glare and hot spot areas without blocking views with blinds and shades.


  • Safety films - for security and glass breakage protection. Shatter proof any window or glass panel with heavier guage window films ensuring safer working and living environments.


  • Decorative/Privacy films - for visual enhancement, privacy and glass customization.


Please visit for an overview of their products, warranties and film specifications. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their products.


We also offer free, no obligation onsite estimates to determine the best options for your specific situation and to review product samples in your home or business. So call us today to set up an appointment.

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